Reading exercises mind heart and soul

Reading exercises mind heart and soul

Reading exercises mind heart and soul like no other solo act, reading also requires time and effort to understand and comprehend what is being communicated on the text page. Reading should also be in some area of interest, it helps to motivate the reader to spend quality time in reading. Reading is also a state of the mind, where the mind and soul of the reader is actively engaged in the reading process, to experience and identify the subject matter that is being read.  Reading can be followed up with group discussion, to further enrich the experience. It can be really rewarding and meaningful experience to have a reading group where all members read the same book, and discuss the book content afterwards and review the interpretations of the writer and reader.

Reading exercises mind heart and soul
Education of young people to read and write is vitally important

When is the last time you took some time for yourself and spent it reading? If it has been too long then you need to treat yourself to some quality time with the reading materials of your choice. When you read you are going to give your mind plenty of exercise. This is a great way to keep it sharp and to reduce the risk of various mental health concerns. Even spending 15 minutes a day reading materials can help you.

It is important for parents to realize that reading is great exercise for the minds of young children as well. Even though they may not be able to read yet, when you read to them they are going to grow mentally. As they learn to read, make sure you share with them the joys of different types of books. You want them to become passionate about reading from a very early age.

Try to select a variety of great reading material as well. This way you can challenge your mind as you go along. Read things that you find to be of interest so that you will stay with it. When you have a passion about a subject you will find it is hard to put that reading material aside for a while. You may be interested in magazines, books about history, romance novels, mysteries, or one of many other categories.

Reading exercises mind heart and soul of an entire book reading group

You can join a local book club as well to socialize and to exercise your mind. This involves the entire book club reading the same book. Then you will gather to talk about it and to get an understanding of how other people see the same materials. This is the fun part of any reading group. It exposes your mind to the idea that there could be a whole other meaning to something you just read. It is important to realize that each of us process information differently. Therefore it is only reasonable to expect that to lead to different conclusions.

As you are reading materials, try to exposure yourself to new writing styles. If you come across words that you don’t know how to say or understand the meaning, take the time to find out. This way your vocabulary and your knowledge can continue to grow. Sometimes you can figure all of that through the context in which is used but if not that is fine too.

Reading exercises mind heart and soul with word pictures

When you are reading, your mind is creating wonderful images in your mind. A well written story can place you at the scene. You can see the characters based upon the details that were given about them. The entire book comes to life as the scenes are played out in your mind. What is fascinating is to read a book and then to watch the movie of it if one exists. Did you come close in your mental description of the characters compared to those used in the movie? If your mind is very well developed then you will likely be very close!

Keep yourself informed of current events too when you read. This way you can exercise your mind by evaluating what your own personal opinion is on a given topic. Make sure you do your research to get both sides of the story though. You want your opinions to be based on all the factual information out there. Great resources including newspapers and an online news site.

Being able to discuss these current issues with other people is also going to help your mind get some exercise. When you bring up such topics there is sure to be plenty of debate about them as well. Don’t get into an argument with people over them but instead listen carefully to their decisions. As you open up your ears to their point of view, you will also be opening up your mind to other aspects that you didn’t consider before. This type of personal growth is hard to describe but it will take your breath away.

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New Year start Happy Joy Positive expecting good 2016

New Year start Happy Joy Positive expecting good 2016

New Years is a chance for all of us to leave our mistakes behind and start fresh. Let’s freshen up! Happy New Years!

New Year start Happy Joy Positive expecting good 2016

New Year start Happy Joy Positive expecting good 2016 and beyond!

I wish you in this New Year to remain happy and joyful and to be successful in all phases of life. Thank you for visiting this website, and reading these Happy New Year Greetings 2016.

Thank you for visiting this website, and reading these Happy New Year Greeting 2016.

Wishing our Friends and Family a Joyous Holiday filled with Peace, Love, and Prosperity.

Best Wishes for a Healthy New Year 2016!

Current alternative fuel trends

Current alternative fuel trends

Current alternative fuel trends in our modern world? At the moment nearly every nation of the world has become proactive in trying to reduce emissions of toxic gases and reduce global warming, in order to prevent rising instances of flooding, thunderstorms, rise in land and sea temperatures, rise in sea level, melting of the ice caps and other problems. There is also the quest for alternative fuels, as the fossil fuel and oil reserves are estimated to run out soon. With a constant rise in oil and fuel prices, people are already trying to find and use substitutes. Read on to know what are the alternative fuel types?

Cuurent alternative fuel trends
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Solar Power

The energy provided by sunlight can be stored in solar cells and used as power source for homes, offices and commercial buildings. In order to achieve this, solar panels are installed on the rooftops of buildings and left exposed in order to trap sunlight and charge various batteries that would act as a power source to be used whenever there is a need. Solar power can also be stored to use on cloudy days. This is a cleaner and more cost- efficient alternative to electricity, which comes as a relief to people who question how cost effective are alternative fuels?

Wind Power

Many people wonder how efficient are alternative fuels? They are often amazed at the efficiency of wind power. It should ideally be used along with solar power, as it can serve a home constantly with power even in prolonged cloudy weather. Although the sun might stay out of view, the wind is likely to blow hard in stormy weather and offer the power necessary for running electrical appliances.

Hydroelectric Power

The current trends in alternative fuels indicate the increasing use of hydroelectric power. If your home has access to a running water source, such as a stream or a creek, you will be surprised at the high amount of power that can be generated. It can be used along with wind or solar power.  However, even on its own, it can prove to be efficient enough as the single source of power for a home.

Plant or Waste Oil

This can be another effective fuel if you have an oil burning furnace installed at home. Plant oil refers to vegetable oil which has not been first used for cooking purposes. Waste oil refers to used vegetable oil gathered from restaurants after cooking and filtered before using for power generation for homes.

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Current alternative fuel trends
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Delighted New Year 2015

Delighted New Year 2015.

Delighted New Year 2015 Wish you a fantastic time in the new year fuelled with abundance, joy, happiness and valuable meaningful memorable moments in the 12 months up ahead.

May the year 2015 be your finest year!

Delighted New Year 2015
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The world seems to be breaking up at some regions and places, like a sourdough bread loaf baked in a piping hot  oven, but do not lose hope, it should settle down as soon as the heat cools off.

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Also grateful for visitors as well as for every person’s interest in 2014, as well as truly anticipate developing brand-new fresh content material in the new year coming up 2015.

Thanks to the New Year!

Delighted New Year 2015
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Wishing you a Delighted Holiday period for everyone.

Here is a little bit of Einstein in everyone and for the new challenges of the New Year in 2015.

Albert Einstein

I really feel that you are justified in exploring the future with real assurance, due to the fact that you have a method of living where we locate the joy of life as well as the delight of work harmoniously combined. Included in this is the spirit of ambition which pervades your extremely being, and appears to make the day’s job like a pleased child at play. Simran Khurana ©

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The digital image galleries can be found here at the Nordic Tundra Mountain picture gallery.  There are pictures presented from all seasons, like this one of the Natural Berries from Finland Gallery.

Arctic people

Arctic people

Arctic people by tradition have had a nomadic lifestyle.  There are climate variations influenced by the high altitude of the wind-swept open slopes of tundra down to the low coastline of the Ocean.   The sudden change of weather can be an extreme experience threatening the survival of anyone caught outside without protective shelter.  The Arctic region is a definitely challenging environment for survival.  Even though the environment is extremely cold and often unpredictable and bitterly cold, it has been a home for the nomadic indigenous people and other pioneers and explorers for many hundreds or even thousands of years. Maybe they found it to be a safe haven from petty politics and irrational neighbors and other encroaching foreign conquers, at least for  time.

Arctic people
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Arctic people making it their home

Arctic people have learned to make the most of the seasons and get around the worst scenario by been able to explore and even enjoy the Arctic lifestyle. Not only did indigenous people live in the Arctic for thousands of years, but pioneers, adventurers, and researchers still go out of their way to visit and explore this region today.  Arctic people inhabited this land first, but it is still a prime region of exploration. The distinct environment and different geography are what draw explorers to this part of the world.

What Makes the Arctic so Unique?

The Arctic people know what is bitterly cold temperatures during the winter months. This is accompanied by strong chilling winds that make it necessary to wear specific gear when stepping out into Arctic temperatures. This region is also known to experience strong storms that make travel incredibly difficult. Simple tasks like heating your home and collecting firewood make survival a bit tricky. However, Arctic people have found a way to not only survive, but also thrive. This shows not only their resilience but also their ability to adapt to their surroundings no matter how extreme.

Native Arctic People

Research suggests that Arctic people have inhabited this region for more than 20,000 years. Right now only about 4 million people live in the Arctic. In the past, individuals living in the Arctic hunted, fished, herded and gathered wild plants for survival. Those that migrated from the North made a priority to build warm dwellings and adapted to the frigid temperatures. Many of them even became good at predicting the weather to ensure that they were safe from approaching storms. Many Arctic people have passed on their knowledge for generations to make living in this unique environment much easier.

Arctic Exploration

Even though indigenous people have inhabited the Arctic for almost 20,000 years, explorers arrived recently on the scene. Around the 18th century, European explorers began to venture to this part of the world. Explorers often came to the Arctic looking for the Northwest Passage, but it was Sir Robert McClure that discovered it first in 1851.

Modern Arctic People

There are currently many people that are living in the Arctic today. This means that there are many modern towns and cities that have been constructed over the years. Climate changes and temperature variations can alter the reindeer herding calendar and it may take some time getting used to it, but for the Arctic people to live in the Arctic is fairly similar to other indigenous peoples living in other parts of the world. For more information on the Arctic people watch this video Lapland guide Arctic people.

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New year 2014 has many new opportunities to be discovered, new environment, new seasons, new  ideas and  new concepts that are created by the creative people of the world.

It may be that you are are in the process of completing something that was started last year or the year prior to that, whatever the case may be there is the continued unfolding of time as the planets proceed in their destined flight orbits  on a galactic journey through space.  However big or small your plans are for this year make it a good one with meaningful purpose.

Happy New Year 2014. from Arctic


Happy New Year 2014
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