Arctic Suomi

Arctic Suomi.

Arctic Suomi words are synonymous with the words Arctic Finland, it describes the North end of Suomi, within the Arctic Circle.   The Arctic Circle is one of the five major circles of the latitude, that is on the world map, it is the parallel that runs 66° 33′ 44? north of the Equator.

Arctic circle
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For the Finnish speaking people living in Finland their home land is Suomi, the translated words used to describe Suomi as in Finland, is a strange remote word without the contextual identity meaning of the homeland.  A familiar word can be loaded with meaning, understanding and a long history of existence.  A word translated to another language can lose then meaning entirely.  It becomes a word without any resemblance of the original word that has a lot of meaning describing a nation.

Etymology is the study of the history of words, their origins, and how their form and meaning have changed over time. By an extension, the term “the etymology of [a word]” means the origin of the particular word. -Wikipedia.

Here is a list of ten  words, that the word Suomi has at least some similarities to:

  • seutu=region
  • suo=swamp
  • sumu=fog
  • suvi=summer
  • sini=color blue
  • suomus=scale, as in fish scales
  • saame=sami
  • suku=relatives
  • suu=mouth
  • suuttua=angry
  • sukka=sock.

Looking at the above list, it looks as if the English translation has fallen on the word “Suomus”, as in fish scales, or to another part of the fish anatomy called the fish fins, translated Finland. Logically a land with plenty of lakes and fish, can be described as Finland.


Iconically Australia has lots of kangaroos, koala bears, wallabies and lizards. Using the same logic it could be described as the kangaroo land.  it is also hot there, so it could be described as a hot kangaroo land.

The North East of Fennoscandia today known as the Kola peninsula, in the Sami language it means “Kuolanmaa”, the meaning of the words, describe a land with plenty of fish. And it describes that region as the Sami nomads experienced it.  There are natural rivers, tundra lakes and the white Sea that was very good for fishing during those days that the indigenous Nomads lived there, without the interference from the foreigners encroaching on their traditional land.

For more interesting information visit Arctic Finland web site.

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